Under The Number – The Regular Guy’s Golf Site

Welcome to Under The Number – your one-stop-shop for everything golf that really matters to the regular guy. We’re talking about the 15 handicap who spends hours in a golf shop pretending he can pull of white pants and pipe it 300 yards down the middle. This is for the guy watching Jim Nantz on Sundays and can’t wait to get on his muni and shoot 95 and is just as concerned with the beer cart situation as he is with the stimp of the greens. Welcome to your everyday, Joe Idiot, golf site.

At Under The Number we will hope to provide far from expert insight into the PGA Tour, stone cold lock strategies for fantasy golf that will inevitably fall apart on Thursday, course reviews from guys like you, and everything else us Monday morning golf pros like about a game that consumes way too much time and money from our lives. So enjoy, comment, criticize and play on through.


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