Monday Morning Golf Pro – Knee Jerk Reaction to Farmers

79 – Let’s ignore the more important number, 3 (we’ll get to you in a second 3), and focus on 79, Tiger’s 3rd round at a course he’s historically dominated.  Let’s be honest, we’re going to hear way more about Tiger’s 79 than we will about Scott Stallings 68 on Sunday, but Tiger still drives eyeballs, good or bad.  Frankly, I don’t care.  Sure, is Tiger a great watch?  Yes, but I’m sick of the never-ending coverage and debate “is Tiger done” every time the guy had a bad round.  Who knows?  Maybe Tiger is disappointed he’s not going to Sochi?  Bottom line, Tiger is what he is now.  He’s going to win 2-3 events, grab a top 10 at the Masters and probably choke a few times.  The field has caught him and it is time to accept that Tiger is actually human.

3 – Really Scott Stallings?  He really came out of nowhere, or what I like to call, pulling a “Choi.”  You know what a Choi is right?  K.J. is always popping onto the leaderboard form what seems like nowhere.  Scotty has joined a very, very interesting group of young golfers who have 3 wins on the PGA tour in their 20’s: Dustin Johnson, Rory Mcllroy, Webb Simpson, Keegan Bradley… and Scott Stallings.  It really makes me feel bad about myself when I see a guy like Scott Stallings, a relative unknown, has $6.1 million in career earnings at 28.  Bravo…. Bravo.

Phil hurt his back and this could be a bigger story than the Tiger situation.  Phil is 43 and he isn’t exactly in great shape.  You have to wonder how that body will hold up playing the schedule he plays.  I couldn’t agree with this assessment anymore by Bleacher Report.  I don’t care if you’re on a cushy private jet a 16-hour flight is a long time to be on a metal tube in the sky.  Sure, if someone offered me $2 million to eat my own shit I would probably do it, but I’m pretty sure Phil has enough in the bank to chase legacy and not cash—especially when you are a rounding error away from the Senior Tour.

Guy who impressed – Graham Delaet.  It wasn’t always easy for him on Sunday but somehow cashed it in for a beyond solid 68 for a T-2.  I like his game and will be watching him closely.


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