Optical Illusions on 16

46,000 vs. 4,600 – I’m not going to lie watching the raucous crowds on the 16th at TPC Scottsdale makes me want to hop a flight to Phoenix tonight and setup shop there early tomorrow AM while I drink and boo the best in the world. They make it look and sound like Mardis Gras meets country club. Like it’s filled with all of the regular Joe’s you would find on the course every Sunday playing a $2 Nassau, but during yesterday’s coverage on the Golf Channel that illusion was blown to smithereens.  The announcers brought to light the reality of life on the PGA Tour by telling us that the 16th can hold about 25,000 people (good turnout for a single tournament on a day let alone one hole), but of those 25,000 seats only about 4,600 were for general admission. Those other 20k+ seats go to luxury boxes being sold at $46,000 a piece. Now sure if my company was paying for me to get hammered in the shade at a golf tournament while I boo guys for flying the green on a Par-3 I would most certainly do it. But the fact of the matter is the regular spectator was waiting hours to try and get a peek at the madness while the “suits” enjoyed the good life. So perhaps everyone should stop touting the tour stop in Scottsdale as the biggest party in golf, because at the end of the day it is more or less just another high priced country club outing for the country club crowd.


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