Time to go Long on Rickie Fowler, wait, WHAT?

Fowler has missed the last two cuts on courses he has historically had great success on and continued a slide that actually started mid-season 2012. Fowler picked up his first career win at the Wells Fargo and then followed it up with a T2 at the Players and a T5 at the Crowne Plaza in consecutive weeks, but then went into a slide that led to him being left off the Ryder Cup team.  He followed that up with an uninspired 2013 and a horrible start to 2014. Fowler has fallen outside the Official World Golf Rankings Top 50 and has been bypassed in the rankings by a number of American upstarts, including Jordan Spieth, Harris English and Chris Kirk.

Despite all that, I am extremely bullish on Rickie for the medium to long term.  Why? For starters, he is working with renowned swing coach Butch Harmon, which explains the recent struggles… sometimes you need to get worse before you get better.  But more importantly, we need to remember that despite him having been around the Tour since 2010, he is still only 25!  There aren’t many 25 year olds who have earned more than $10 million on Tour, put up a rock solid performance in the Ryder Cup and had an epic performance at the British Open . This is all a long way of saying that he has ball…and the talent to go with it.  So no, it’s not time to worry, Fowler needs some time, but not much, and I expect him to come back strong in 2014.  If I were a betting man (oh wait…) I would take advantage of the favorable odds situations that are sure to arise from his recent run of poor play.


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