Golf Digest Hot List

12– Dear Golf Digest Hot List,

I’m sure big golf companies are paying you a lot of money to review their clubs, but can you stop being a woman and pick a club for me?  You have 12 drivers on the “hot list” this year, TWELVE!  How am I, simpleton-golf-hacker supposed to use your 5-star performance rating when EVERY driver on the list has between 4 and 5 stars?  My suggestion?  Make a MF’ing decision and tell me the club I should buy.

Look, the big golf companies have already convinced me that the fix to that snap-hook is a shinny $450 driver and not lessons or the practice range.  They have convinced me it must be the equipment and not my shitty swing.  So, just tell me.  Just pick one and tell me my drives will go 300 yards right down the middle.


Every golfer in America


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