Tough Not To Like Graeme

9/22/2014 – So Graeme McDowell will be blogging once a month for the BBC this season, and I for one could not be more excited.  Name me one guy out there you would rather sit down and have a beer (or 10) with.  In his first post, Graeme says the following (from BBC Sports):

“Obviously it is a Ryder Cup year but my feeling is that I just want that to arrive amid good, consistent golf. I mean getting into the team for Gleneagles will be the result of good processes and good play.”

“A fourth consecutive Ryder Cup is a massive goal. Captain Paul McGinley was at a “Best of Ireland” charity foundation event with me in New York at the end of last week and we had a good chat about it.”

“Paul feels he’s got all the logistics in place and now it’s all about player communication.”

“It is very early to get obsessed about it. Come May and June, form is going to be more important. I just know I have to give him all the reasons to have me in the side – ideally qualifying automatically and not having to rely on one of his three wildcard picks.”

Could there be a better illustration of why Europe consistently kicks our ass in the Ryder Cup? This is a guy who is about to kick off his season, has won a major (as well an numerous other titles around the world) and has made a boatload of cash in his career, yet all he can talk about is the Ryder Cup.

America may have more of the “best” players in the world as compared to Europe, but winning the Cup is just not as big a priority to Tiger and Co. as it it to the Euros, which is actually kind of funny when you think about it; they are playing for a continent and we are playing for our COUNTRY!  It’s really frustrating as a fan to take this competition more seriously than the players do, but unless we get more Keegan Bradley type performances, it’s going to be more of the same in Scotland this year.

PS – After the Euros pulled off that amazing comeback at Medinah in 2012, I kind of wish I had been rooting for Europe so I could have used it as an excuse to drink as many beers as those crazy bastards did.


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