MMGP – Knee Jerks

After spending a fair among of time watching the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am this week it’s not surprising that they are not able to secure a higher number of the world’s best golfers. This is a world class venue(s), but having to play five and half hour rounds while dealing with amateur hackers is not exactly a formula for success.  And the pain doesn’t end there, amateurs who were part of a team in the top 25 got to play on Sunday as well. If viewers were looking for more lame jokes from Ray Romano, “Everybody Loves Raymond” would still be on TV.

Hey guess what? Tiger committed to play in the Honda Classic and two other Florida based tournaments!  I find headlines like this mildly annoying but I also understand what sells, so I give it a pass. But when every major golf outlet feels the need to promote Cheyenne Woods’ (Tiger’s niece) win at the Aussie Masters, I get annoyed.  This is a player who failed to qualify for the LPGA Tour and has been hacking around Europe in obscurity.  Good for her for getting her first professional win, but is there another female player of the planet who would have received this kind of coverage for a women’s European tour win?  But hey, at least she is being covered for actually winning, which is more than we can say about Tiger…pretty sure golf reporters would share the details of his bowel movements if they were given access.

I’m no dietitian, but something tell me Brandt’s new diet isn’t working. Another missed cut, this time at an event where he is the defending champion no less, does not bode well for his prospects in 2014.  More Big Macs and less bogeys is in order for Brandt.

Let’s hear it for the South Africans!  George Coetzee came from four strokes back to capture his first European Tour win at the Joburg Open.  This marks the fifth time in the seven year history of the tourney where someone from “Rhodesia” took home top billing.  Local boy Charl Schwartzel came in as a heavy favorite, but failed to perfom, opening the door for Coetzee who qualified for the Open with the win.  It’s always a feel good story when natives take  their “home” events and the South Africans have made a habit of it.
Jordan Spieth entered yet another weekend in prime position to take home a win, but as has become his custom of late, blew his chance with a third round implosion .  While it would be fair to question his mental toughness, I prefer to think that this is all part of the process for the precocious 20 year old. Let’s not forget that Spieth’s star has risen faster than anyone’s since Tiger Woods burst onto the scene, and it has happened with him facing next to no adversity.  This kid can play and I suspect that these disappointments will end up being fuel for what I think will be huge season. Despite the recent missteps, I still fully expect him to make a ton of noise in the Majors this year and play a huge role for the United States in the Ryder Cup.

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Another day at the office for Jimmy Walker. After spending his career in relative obscurity up until this year, the veteran has captured his first, second and third career wins in just eight starts.  On Sunday, Walker had a huge lead and simply had to avoid a disaster…which almost happened due to some shaky putting down the stretch, but he was able to hole a clutch putt on 18 to hold off the charging Dustin Johnson who had closed the lead to just one stroke.  If Jimmy is going to continue his run of dominance, the challenge will be put to the marketing execs who will need to find a way to promote the decidedly un-flashy Walker.


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