PGA Tour Dream Courses

Watching Pebble this past weekend got me thinking about the best courses on the PGA Tour and the ones I would want to play hack-up.  I was deep in thought and realized two things:  first, I don’t really know much about the courses on tour and second, how does an average golfer determine how amazing a course is?  What metrics do we use to determine if a course is a “must play” or not?  Pebble is always on the top of every golfers list of “must play” courses, but why?  I think most would respond with a simple “It’s Pebble” and they’d be right.  Sure, everyone wants to play Augusta or most of the US Open/British Open courses, but what courses are you dying to play on the PGA Tour?  And more importantly, what are the reasons you want to play those courses?

Dream Course Criteria

History.  There’ something to be said about playing a course with a long history where Hogan, Sneed, Palmer, and Nicklaus dominated or where golf history originated (St. Andrews) or records were broken (see and course Tiger played 14 years ago).

Scenery.  Would I rather play a course with dramatic ocean views?  Or something in the middle of Nebraska?  I’ll take views.

Iconic holes.  There are some holes that you just know and remember.  See 7th at Pebble or 17th at Sawgrass.

Reputation.  This sounds very arrogant, but there is something about bragging to your buddies about the course you just played.  What sounds better “Hey, just got back from playing TCP River Highlands in Connecticut” or “Hey, just got back from playing Pebble F’ing Beach.”

X-Factor. There are some things that you just can’t describe that make certain courses stand out. This may be the most personal factor for putting a course on your “dream” list. Maybe it’s nostalgia like some course you went to see an event at when you were a kid or your favorite course in a video game. Sure it’s not for everyone, but it’s your list so screw everyone else if they don’t like it.

Stay tuned for our completely scientific, well articulated, expert list of dream courses. We are right so don’t fight it.


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