Sorry I’m Not Sorry

I know, I’m a huge asshole but I’m glad this happened to this guy.  First, I’m glad this happened at the match play because I hate it.  I didn’t make picks this week because it is impossible to predict. You have some of the best players in the world getting knocked off by a bunch of non-name Euros. The “best” match play specialist loses in the first round. And people are literately dying on the course.

Look, I’m glad this guy was almost killed by Rory because he straight up deserves it.  You know the type, an overweight middle-aged white guy awkwardly jogging with his fanny pack so he can put his face in Rory’s back swing like a pervert at a strip club.  Everyone needs to relax.  Maybe they could all save us some time and just roll some dice on the 18th green.


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