Tuesday Afternoon Golf Pro – Knee Jerk Reactions

I know I’m late on this week’s MMGP, but who doesn’t like a Tuesday afternoon weekend wrap-up?

I don’t know about you, but I think it’s tough to beat a Friday where you can take the day off to eat wings and drink beers all afternoon while rolling a noon time USA-Canada Olympic hockey semifinal game into a late afternoon/evening match play golf watching party. Granted, the hockey game blew, but I think even the match play haters (see here and here) can admit that this weekend’s tournament was fantastic viewing. Steve, sorry I’m not sorry yours picks sucked and you couldn’t just enjoy the drama that unfolded.

Jason Day – Flat. Out. Stud. He hits the long ball, has a ridiculous iron game and is a stone cold assassin on the greens. His win this weekend was only his second PGA Tour victory, but the 26 year Aussie already has 32 top 10’s, including a handful in majors. Now ranked 4th in the world and proving himself as one of the elite, the talk will now shift to “when will he win a major?”. So with all that, it shouldn’t be a surprise that he won this weekend, but you know what is a surprise? That Jason Day lives with his wife in Columbus F’ing Ohio! Seriously, if I gave you 1,000 guesses of where a young, good looking, rich golfer from Australia lives, would Columbus have even made the list? Flat out baffling.

Speaking of Aussies – What the hell happened to Geoff Ogilvy? He has won a US Open, the WGC Accenture match play twice and has 4 other victories on tour. This guy was ranked in the top 10 in the world when he was in his twenties, but currently sits at 144. To be honest, had Golf Channel or CBS not talked about his past success at the match play event, it probably never would have even crossed my mind that he wasn’t even in the tournament. Pretty amazing that a guy with his resume (has also won more than $20 million in his career) can become invisible by the age of 36.

Qu’est-ce? Les Français? – I know France is not necessarily a hot bed of golf talent, but when I heard that Victor Dubuisson became the highest ranked Frenchman of all time , I was shocked. On the strength of a runner-up performance at the WGC-Accenture, Dubie moved up to #23, surpassing Thomas Levet who was ranked in the twenties on this list a few years ago. Inherently I understand that France sucks at anything that requires coordination or athleticism, but I just assumed there must have been one of those winos along the way that had made the top 10. Regardless, at just 23 years old and with hands like this, I’d be willing to bet we will be seeing a lot more of him in the years to come. Hell, don’t be surprised if we’re cursing him come Ryder Cup time.

Rickie Fowler
– Don’t say I didn’t tell you so. The swing (and haircut) looks good and he seems to have found his putting stroke. If you were as smart as me (is gambling hard earned money smart? Forget I asked), you would bet Rickie at 30-1 this weekend and ride the hot hand.

Far be it for me to criticize a well-established golf site like back9network when we haven’t even unveiled ours to our friends yet, but WTF is this all about? I get the concept and don’t hate the idea, but if you clicked the link and read the post, you know that it’s just terrible. Not the ideas for the competitions so much, but the fact that they didn’t make predictions for who would win or do well in each. Great, you tell me it would be fun to see pro golfers run a 40 yard dash or take target practice, but then you don’t say who the best at each would be! I get that it was tongue in cheek, but overall it was a total fail.

Anyways, better late than never. See you at the Honda. Thank goodness the real season starts now.


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