Honda Classic Locks – Welcome Back to Real Golf

The Bear Trap!  It’s nice to be back to “real golf.”  I’m not trying to say what happened on the West Coast isn’t real golf, but let’s be honest; everything out there is more of an amusement park than actual reality.  This week we have a full field (Tiger and all) and most of the Euros.  We’re starting to play courses where -22 isn’t the winning score and guys are starting to prepare for major season.

I took last week off because betting on the match play is like betting on preseason football or the NBA, useless.  However, I had my shit handed to me at Riviera (I’m looking at you Ryan Moore).  I’m going to start tracking my “bets” with real money values so you can all see (and laugh) at how much money I’m losing.

WIN:  RORY MCILROY (8-1, $100 to win $800) – I believe Rory is going to have a big year.  His personal issues seem to be behind him and I believe he’s going to take a step forward.  I’m predicting 5 wins and another major for him this year, and win #1 will happen this week at the Honda.

WIN:  CHAR SCHWARTZEL (20-1, $100 to win $2000) – Charl represents everything I want in a winner. He’s South African, cool first name, good course history, he’s due, and his recent form has been great.  This is one of the tougher courses on the Tour and my boy Charl seems to play well at tough courses.  Last year, he finished T-9 and top 20 in his last 3 trips.  At 20-1, I really like his value here.

(80-1, $20 to win $1600) – Great value for a guy who has been sneaky good on the Tour this year.  He finished in the top 20 in 3 out of his last 4 events and has a decent history at the Honda Classic.  He’s been a journeyman the last few years, bouncing between the PGA and tours, but finished T-12 here in 2010 and T-5 in 2009.

In the interest of time, this is all I’m throwing out there this week.  I will have Top 10 bets most weeks, but I need to make up some losses so going “all in” on the WIN this week.  Happy hunting.


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