Par 3 Tourney + Old Dudes = Why Not

The PGA Tour recently announced that the Champions Tour will be holding a special tournament at Big Cedar Lodge in Ridgedale, MO. What is the “special” tournament you ask? Oh just a bunch of old dudes dominating a Par-3 course. They will have a 54-hole, 2 man competition on a Jack Nicklaus designed Par-3 course. I don’t know about you but Champions events look like a great time. Low key old guys who can still play just goofing around and winning some cash. So why not add a little twist and excitement. I love watching the Par-3 competition on the Wednesday before the Masters so you can see guys skipping it across the pond and actually enjoying themselves, so I might just tune in and watch this thing. Also in the brief review of the resort it is 1. gorgeous (see pic above) 2. amazing golf (Jack course, Arnie practice facility, Tom Watson putting green) and 3. Maybe only reason besides good bbq to go to Missouri. Anyways I’m all for these gimmicky events … as long as they are for the grandpas of golf.


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