Big Break Florida – Knowing Your Audience

After a few cocktails the other day Steve, myself and another friend found ourselves flipping through the channels when we landed on pure golf dude gold … Big Break Florida. Now I’m not a fan of reality TV. Sure maybe the first Survivor was interesting and growing up you could waste some time watching the original season of Road Rules and the Real World, but with most of TV filled with self-important reality crap these days I could really care less. But Big Break Florida is an exception. Group of pretty attractive women (for the most part), competing in various golf challenges, in very small outfits … winning all around.

Now this isn’t great TV and certainly it isn’t even great golf, but it is just another example of the Golf Channel completely understanding their target demographic. These women, their outfits and the commercials for Johnny Walker are not a lucky coincidence. Just like Holly Sonders and Lauren Thompson aren’t mistakes and lucky casting choices on Morning Drive.

Listen I’m not going to complain about any of this, but these folks know what they are doing and can count on this loyal viewer to keep watching. (FYI: Big Break FL on at 9 PM on Mondays). You’re welcome!


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