Calling the Golf Gestapo (aka Tarpon Springs, FL PD)

Tampa Bay Times – TARPON SPRINGS — Like most Saturdays, the group of golfers gathered at the Tarpon Springs Golf Course for its weekly league. And like most Saturdays, at this course and courses around the country, the round involved a few side wagers. Until Feb. 8. As the group of golfers walked to the clubhouse that morning, it was greeted by general manager Chuck Winship. No more betting in league play, said Winship, revealing he was under investigation by Tarpon Springs police. 

Ok I get it. Running an illegal casino is illegal and there are technically laws against gambling but are these guys serious?  Also nowt sure who is worse in this whole story – the cops or the “former employee” who tattled. Call him a whistle blower or a good Samaritan, but lets not confuse reality this guy got fired, hates the guys who dominate the leagues and probably didn’t tip him enough so he decided to be a little B. Well done. Hope you are happy with yourself. Hardo move right there.

Good thing we never bet on golf.


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