Knee Jerks – MMGP Valspar

Golf is a difficult game, so when my weekly wish of having someone hit an amazing shot to win a tourney fails to come true, I accept that and move on. So when John Senden holed out on 16 (hole #1 of the “Snake Pit” no less) and all but guaranteed himself the win, I thought it was pretty cool. Imagine what the reaction and coverage of this shot would have been were it Rory, Phil, or dare I say….Tiger…it would be insane! I’m not here to tell you to be excited for a win by a 42 year old Aussie journeyman with one PGA victory that came eight years ago, but dammit, we should all applaud that shot.

Need more convincing to be skeptical about stats?  David Lingmerth finished this week 1st in “Greens in Regulation” and “Proximity to the Hole”, yet finished 58th. James Driscoll was best in “Strokes Gained Putting” and finished 54th. Kevin Na finished 2nd in scrambling and second in the tournament, showing some positive correlation, muddying the waters even further for guys looking for a statistical edge.  As I’ve stated before, stats can be a good tool in the tool belt, but have limitations and should be treated as such. Basically, no stat can convince me that David Lingmerth is anything but a mediocre player.

By all accounts Kevin Na seems like a decent human being, but to watch him play golf is something I don’t wish up anyone.  Here’s to hoping he has more holes like this early on in tournaments to ensure we don’t have to see him on TV over the weekend.

From Snedeker: I’d welcome gay player on PGA Tour”.  I can’t wait for the day where a) this isn’t a story, and b) it isn’t a story used simply to drive ratings. I like “Feherety” as much as the next guy, but this seems like a cheap publicity stunt.  Take a southern boy and have him support the gays and all the sudden there’s controversy. Except not really because Brandt is a multi-millionaire with endorsements and he knows as well as the next guy that in the “PC” world, taking any other stance is sponsor suicide. I’m not saying he doesn’t believe what he says; I’m just saying that even if he didn’t, he would say it.

Another doozie from golfchannel.comJohn Daly continues to receive sponsor exemptions on the PGA Tour … why, exactly? Because he’s a fan favorite? Those fans must enjoy seeing bad golf, because JD hasn’t won since 2004, has just two top 10s since 2006, has 38 career withdrawals and now has 62 rounds of 80 or higher. Because he’s a two-time major champion? Sorry, but his most recent major triumph was 19 years ago. Jordan Spieth was about to celebrate his first birthday. At least use an excuse from this century. Daly, No. 582 in the world, has made five sponsor-aided starts this season – or one more than talented up-and-coming American Peter Uihlein, who is No. 73 in the world. Something is wrong with that picture. – Ryan Lavner.  

Ummm, this ass-hat could not miss the point more on Daly. Daly is absolutely still a draw for all sorts of reasons, not the least out which is his inability to control his personal life. This is a flawed human with incredible talent who everyone roots for. He understands his flaws and embraces them; he is incredible sound bites like this after posting a 12 on a par 4: “It was a good 12. I got up and down for 12,” Daly told reporters after his round.”  This guy needs to get off his high horse and embrace the legend of Long John Daly.


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