MMGP – Bay Hill

I’m not gonna lie I love this tournament. Love Arnie being there on the 18th to shake hands with the winner. Love the course which is challenging but has a lot of risk reward. Love the last hole which can create a lot of drama and has given us more than a few Tiger highlights over the year. This year wasn’t quite as exciting, but it had plenty to offer and kept the theme of the Florida swing being the real start to the season. A couple expert thoughts about the tournament.

Matt Every – Well done. First win and did it with some solid consistency. Sure there wasn’t anything too flashy about his game or any of his rounds but weekends posts of 66 and 70 proved to be the difference. Every had been playing some solid golf of late with T-8 at Valspar and a T-6 at Northern Trust so it shouldn’t have come as that big of surprise but still a major accomplishment. Not a bad day when you pocket your first PGA Tour win, over $1 million and top with a handshake from Arnold Palmer. Not bad at all.

WTF Adam Scott – How do you let this tournament slip away? Scott open with course record tying 62 (-10) on Thursday. Follows with 68 on Friday for a commanding lead and he finishes in solo 3rd, 2 off the lead. If you are one of the top few players in the world and you are taking the meticulously thought out approach to a limited schedule you can’t let this happen. Top guys don’t do this and they don’t let a “never won” guy steal a tournament from you. Shape up Scott.

Allergies My Ass – So Bubba’s allergy situation has actually be well documented and apparently he is a walking pharmacy on the course just trying to survive around all of the grass and foliage the tour provides. However, while his allergies may have been so bad to make him WD after Thursday I’m not sure you can blame his 11 on the 10th hole. Let me restate that in case you thought it was a typo. An 11. He hit 3 straight tee shots into the drink before finding the fairway on his forth and lying 8. I may suck at golf but at some point you find a way to just put it in play. A freaking 11.

Tiger – His back issues continue to be a major concern and him missing a tournament he loves to dominate is not a good sign for him, the tour or the rest of the season.


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