About this Shitty Blog

Yes, Another Football Blog

  What better time to start a football blog? The market for football content is completely saturated and we’re in the middle of a global pandemic that has cast doubt on the future of live sports. Mostly, this is cheap therapy. I could throw out stats about how great I am and all the success I’ve had (it’s true) but frankly, I’ve learned much more from my long list of failures (also true) than my big wins. What I’m not? A writer (again, great start to a blog). If you are looking for a writer, pick up some Hemingway. Mistakes will be plentiful, grammatical errors to be had. I’m not a stat junkie or a football guru. There’s plenty of people claiming to be all of those things on the inter-tubes. My background? I’m an economist by training  but I’ve been working in politics for my entire career. Working in politics helps you understand people and really how people view things. The way people view things creates markets. Understanding those markets is key to gambling and fantasy football. I look at the analytics, examine the market and smash it together with my view of the world in this shit pie I call a blog. Enjoy!